What is an ACO?

Accountable Care Orgainizations (ACOs) are networks of doctors and health care providers working together to give coordinated, quality care to patients. Read More

Patient Resources

We’re working to better coordinate your care and ensure you get the right care at the right time, while spending health care dollars more wisely.Read More

Physician Resources

Assisting physicians and health care providers with practice transformation to achieve higher quality service while lowering costs.Read More

Commonwealth Primary Care ACO Overview

Our commitment: Better health through exceptional care and lower costs.

Commonwealth Primary Care ACO
Commonwealth Primary Care ACO is a collaborative partnership of independent physicians in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. All members share similar challenges associated with providing thorough, quality health care to patients.  The primary purpose of the ACO is to afford its participants with the opportunity to develop the competencies and the capabilities to effectively manage quality and cost. The ACO evolved from the mutual interest of participants to promote quality care, drive care efficiencies, and engage patients in coordinated care. The ACO staff and its participants are committed to coordinating and sharing resources with other members to achieve these goals. Read More

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