Commonwealth Contracted Partner Listing:

Friendly Specialist Affiliations: We Need Your Help to have as Formal Partners:

  • Specialists we have recognized for value based behavior with the ACO
    • Cardiology – Arizona Cardiology, Pioneer Cardiovascular Group
    • Orthopedics – Hedly Orthopaedic Institute, CORE, TOCA, Ortho Arizona (MeZona)
    • Ophthalmology – Barnett Dulaney, Desert Vista, Ford & Caserta, Ophthalmic Surgeons & Physicians Ltd., Southwestern Eye Center, Swagel Wootten Hiatt Eye Center
    • Dermatology – AAP, Alta, English Dermatology, Skin and Cancer Center of AZ
  • IT Services tailored to Primary Care needs – Contact Lance & Bill @ your own Commonwealth ACO
  • Insurance – MICA,
  • Group Purchasing Discount – PremierGPO/CNECT Council Connections Kyle Serzen 619.542.4375
  •  eVigils – Our preferred secure communications tool
  • Clinical Data Reporting – Unislink – Intelligent Care Management System for Clinical Data
  • Hospital Notifications – HealthCurrent HIE – Formerly AZ Health e Connection
  • Real Estate  – Fletcher Perry, KidderMatthews Real Estate, 602-513-5124,