REACH ACO Name and Location:

Commonwealth Primary Care ACO
4742 N 24th St Suite 300
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

ACO Primary Contact:

Primary Contact Name                  Lance Donkerbrook, CEO
Primary Contact Phone Number    480-296-1276
Primary Contact Email Address

Organizational Information:

ACO Participants:

Provider NameProvider Class
KURT BOCKOVENParticipant Provider
ALEXANDER ONOFREIParticipant Provider
MAKAYLA BABISHParticipant Provider
GERILYN TRULOVEParticipant Provider
JESMINA SHRESTHAParticipant Provider
ANA SIERRA DE ARAGONParticipant Provider
LUANNE KELLYParticipant Provider
KERRY OLIVERParticipant Provider
JONNE HOUSHParticipant Provider
KARIE FEDORICKParticipant Provider
JENNIFER LOPEZParticipant Provider
KEVIN CHANParticipant Provider
SHOBHA PARVATHALAParticipant Provider
SHILPA BHATNAGARParticipant Provider
THERESA HENSLERParticipant Provider
JOANN VITIELLOParticipant Provider
JUAN FELIXParticipant Provider
ROXANNA DONANParticipant Provider
ANGELITA ESTRADAParticipant Provider
JERWONNA GLOVERParticipant Provider
AFREM MALKIParticipant Provider
CLAUDIA MACIASParticipant Provider
NAWAL AHMEDParticipant Provider
LUKE GARCIAParticipant Provider
JAMES NICHOLSParticipant Provider
MICHAEL SASSMANNParticipant Provider
LEON DRISSParticipant Provider
MEGAN ABSHIREParticipant Provider
BRADLEY HUGHESParticipant Provider
TONY TRANParticipant Provider
KENNY MAIParticipant Provider
QUANG VOParticipant Provider
LINH NGUYENParticipant Provider
DANNY BLANKENSHIPParticipant Provider
EDMOND BAKERParticipant Provider
BARBARA STOCKINGParticipant Provider
DAVID BUCKMANParticipant Provider
JAMES REZNICKParticipant Provider
MANDEEP SAHANIParticipant Provider
MICHAEL HURTParticipant Provider
EARL ANTHONY GOODENParticipant Provider
DAVID RANDParticipant Provider
CARLA ROTERINGParticipant Provider
VILAS DESHPANDEParticipant Provider
NINA NOVAKOVICParticipant Provider
PETAR NOVAKOVICParticipant Provider
SUN JONESParticipant Provider
JULIA TURCHANINOVParticipant Provider
VESNA RAJAK-HODZICParticipant Provider
BRYAN SMITHSONParticipant Provider
ELIZABETH BIERERParticipant Provider
LEON DRISSParticipant Provider
KIMBERLY HANSENParticipant Provider
MICHAEL SASSMANNParticipant Provider
MICHELE MCCORMICKParticipant Provider
JARED GILMANParticipant Provider
CINDY FINCH-BENOYParticipant Provider
KARIN CHOQUETTEParticipant Provider
JOHN VONKERSBURGParticipant Provider
MICHAEL MAXIMOVParticipant Provider
IDA HEATHParticipant Provider
DAVID STEVENSParticipant Provider
BRIAN MCCABEParticipant Provider
SAMANTHA DASTRUPParticipant Provider
LAUREL KITTRELLParticipant Provider
MIKELL KARSTENParticipant Provider
HEATHER WATERSParticipant Provider
STEVEN RAYLEParticipant Provider
JOHN MCGETTIGANParticipant Provider
PATRICIA JALOMOParticipant Provider
JEAN MARSALLAParticipant Provider
KELLY MENDELSOHNParticipant Provider
RIEMKE BRAKEMAParticipant Provider
DAVID ROBERTSONParticipant Provider
SHANNON KINGParticipant Provider
RAJIV PARIKHParticipant Provider
ANNA MANALOParticipant Provider
RAVI GUPTAParticipant Provider
AMITA GUPTAParticipant Provider
JOEL SELLERSParticipant Provider
MELISSA BROWNParticipant Provider
AMMAR ALSHEIKHParticipant Provider
THOMAS FIELParticipant Provider
CLAIRE REGNITZParticipant Provider
DANIELLE FAIRBANKSParticipant Provider
JAY BERNSTEINParticipant Provider
DARENIE GOODMANParticipant Provider
DANIEL MACKAYParticipant Provider
MASON JONESParticipant Provider
ARTHUR BOONEParticipant Provider
ROBERT SIMPKINSParticipant Provider
TIMOTHY MACKParticipant Provider
CATHERINE LEWISParticipant Provider
MELANIE JUDICEParticipant Provider
ZACHARY GIESICKParticipant Provider
JOSEPH HURTParticipant Provider
HAROLD ESKEWParticipant Provider
LYNDA HATLEYParticipant Provider
NATALIA MILLIKENParticipant Provider
MUQIAO ZHUParticipant Provider
LENKA SVEDOVAParticipant Provider
LUKE JOHNSONParticipant Provider
TIFFANY STAGEParticipant Provider
STEVEN WHITNEYParticipant Provider
KAYLEIGH HEADParticipant Provider
KITZIA ROOKSParticipant Provider
TASNIM SARKARParticipant Provider
JOHN MCINTYREParticipant Provider
DUSTIN ZIMMERMANParticipant Provider
DANNI HENDERSONParticipant Provider
KATHRYN CRINERParticipant Provider
SIERRA OLSONParticipant Provider
RUBY MEYERParticipant Provider
LUKE PROCHNOWParticipant Provider
GEOFFREY HUGHESParticipant Provider
VANESSA SADDParticipant Provider
ROBERT STOKESParticipant Provider
SLADE BRASWELLParticipant Provider
ALEXANDRIA POLANCOParticipant Provider
SUSAN DORNBUSCHParticipant Provider
DAVID MEDRANOParticipant Provider
ADAM CASILLASParticipant Provider
KATHLEEN VIVIANParticipant Provider
KRYSTEL NAOEParticipant Provider
BRIAN TAYLORParticipant Provider
RATHNA NUTIParticipant Provider
KYNAN WILLIAMSParticipant Provider
DONALD DUNLAPParticipant Provider
JUAN MOLINAParticipant Provider
KATY WOODParticipant Provider
MICHAEL FULLERParticipant Provider
BRITTANY DELANEYParticipant Provider
MICHELE BLUMParticipant Provider
NATALIA PAKParticipant Provider
SIGGA JOBEParticipant Provider
KRISTIN SPAINParticipant Provider
ANNAHITA BEHESHTIParticipant Provider
CHRISTIAN CANNADAYParticipant Provider
MICHELLE STORMParticipant Provider
JANICE LIMOSParticipant Provider
AILEEN BLANCAFLORParticipant Provider
RYAN PAVELKAParticipant Provider
NATASHA WADEParticipant Provider
RENUKA SHRINGERParticipant Provider
JENNIFER KOLLParticipant Provider
AINA BRUCEParticipant Provider
AYAT ABORAHMAParticipant Provider
ALEX UDABORParticipant Provider
SOVANNARAT FLOYDParticipant Provider
TOMMY WEESNERParticipant Provider
SCHRICE PATTERSONParticipant Provider
KRISTINA JONESParticipant Provider
ANDREA FULLERParticipant Provider
JAI GEORGYParticipant Provider
JOY SEALEParticipant Provider
KASHMIR KAURParticipant Provider
SINTU BRAYENParticipant Provider
SOO LEEParticipant Provider
STEPHENE GWINNParticipant Provider
NEWARTHA BROOKSParticipant Provider
EILEEN TAYLORParticipant Provider
LAUREN AHARTParticipant Provider
RUBEN TCHOUNBIAParticipant Provider
OLUMAYOWA OMOYENIParticipant Provider
BILL HUBBSParticipant Provider
MATHEW ROYParticipant Provider
ETHAN STANLEYParticipant Provider
OKECHUKWU ANIAGOHParticipant Provider
SALMAN MALLICKParticipant Provider
ZAKARI KWOTAParticipant Provider
SALMAN ALEEMParticipant Provider
TIMOTHY CARASParticipant Provider
JOELY KEENParticipant Provider
GREGORIO FERNANDEZParticipant Provider
CARLOS OROZCOParticipant Provider
LAURA THEISParticipant Provider
AKSHAI LAKHANPALParticipant Provider
MICHEALA FERGUSONParticipant Provider
JOSEPHINE MANDEYAParticipant Provider
MARLENA MONTGOMERYParticipant Provider
DANIELLE SCHULTZParticipant Provider
SHAHRAM ASKARIParticipant Provider
PAIGE DANNERParticipant Provider
MICHAEL GIFFORDParticipant Provider
PATRICK GILLIHANParticipant Provider
MARK GORMANParticipant Provider
BARRY KAPLANParticipant Provider
KIMBERLY LEACHParticipant Provider
ANDREW LOWYParticipant Provider
DIANA PERRYParticipant Provider
DANIEL SCHULMANParticipant Provider
JEFFREY WEISSParticipant Provider
KERRY ZANGParticipant Provider
HASSAN MAKKIParticipant Provider
RAGHAV LLCParticipant Provider
TESS BARNESParticipant Provider
ERIC CHRISTENSENParticipant Provider
LISA DEMIDOWICHParticipant Provider
ROHIT DWIVEDIParticipant Provider
RACHEL GREATWOODParticipant Provider
HEIKE HILKERParticipant Provider
KURTIS MANLEYParticipant Provider
MARY BECKParticipant Provider
RAGHAV MOHINDRAParticipant Provider
VIVEK NARASIMHANParticipant Provider
LAUREL SOCKRIDERParticipant Provider
JAY BELTParticipant Provider
JENNIFER DORSEYParticipant Provider
JAMES FREEDParticipant Provider
VIRGINIA HARRParticipant Provider
SUSAN JONESParticipant Provider
KAREN MALUFParticipant Provider
LACEY SEAYParticipant Provider
LIEM TRANGParticipant Provider
CHERYL WARRENParticipant Provider
RAY PASIONParticipant Provider
JOHN MOOREParticipant Provider
CARLA WALKERParticipant Provider
RENEE ROYParticipant Provider
TERRENCE LAKINParticipant Provider
GENEVIE KOCOUREKPreferred Provider


Joint Ventures

  • There are no joint ventures between or among the ACO and any of its ACO Preferred providers and Participant Providers

Key ACO clinical and administrative leadership:

  • Lance Donkerbrook Commonwealth ACO   Admin, ACO Executive
  • James Nichols, MD. James Nichols MD Llc,   Clinical, Medical Director
  • Robin Bibb, NP. B&D Medical,   Clinical, Compliance Officer
  • Petar Novakovic, MD. Petar Novakovic MD PC,  Clinical, Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer

Associated Administrative Committees and Committee Leadership:

Committee NameCommittee Leader Name and Position
Finance CommitteeRJ Voth Sr., Retired, Chair
Physician Engagement and Operations SubcommitteeJames Nichols, MD - James Nichols MD Llc, Chair
Clinical and Quality Improvement CommitteePetar Novakovic, MD Peter Novakovic MD PC - Chair
Compliance and Ethics CommitteeRobin Bibb, NP - B&D Medical - Chair


Types of ACO participants or combinations of participants that formed the ACO:

    • Network of individual practices of ACO professionals

    ACO Governing Body Where Participants Hold 75% Control:

    Last NameFirst NameTitle/PositionMember's Voting PowerMembership TypeACO Participant TIN Legal Business Name/DBA, if Applicable
    AragonAnaACO Participant Representative1 VoteVoting MemberANA M SIERRA DE ARAGON MD
    DonkerbrookLanceCEONo VoteACO ExecutiveCommonwealth ACO
    VothRJBeneficiary Representative, Board Chair1 VoteVoting Member, Beneficiary RepresentativeRetired
    LeonDrissACO Participant Representative1 VoteVoting MemberPremier Mountain Healthcare LLC
    RobinBibbConsumer Advocate1 VoteVoting Member, Consumer AdvocateBlue Circle Medical LLC
    McGettiganJohnACO Participant Representative1 VoteVoting MemberQuality of Life Medical Center, LLC
    NicholsJamesACO Participant Representative1 VoteVoting MemberJames Nichols, Md Llc
    NovakovicPetarACO Participant Representative1 VoteVoting MemberPetar Novakovic MD PC
    ParikhRajivACO Participant Representative1 VoteVoting MemberRAJIV PARIKH MD PC

Shared Savings and Losses:

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • First Agreement Period
    • Performance Year 2023: NA

Shared Savings Distribution

  • First Agreement Period
    • Performance Year 2023
      • Proportion invested in infrastructure: N/A
      • Proportion invested in redesigned care processes/resources: N/A
      • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants: N/A

Quality Performance Results

2023 Is our first year in the ACO REACH program

For Previous Years’ Financial and Quality Performance Results from our MSSP ACO, please visit